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AP - 24 Whitening Toothpaste


Incredible Whitening and Brightening Fluoride Toothpaste.

Works by simply buffing away stains from the surface of the tooth.

No harmful bleaching agents, like peroxide, so say goodbye to that post bleach sensitivity!*

Use daily in place of your regular product or simply as needed. Many of our customers that do use and enjoy the bleaching experience use this product to ward away any new stains and extend the time between costly treatments. 

This product is designed to safely** remove stains from all forms of dental work: (caps,bonding,veneers,resin fillings, even dentures!)

Mild Sweet Mint Flavor and Non - Sticky texture, makes for a far more enjoyable whitening process. If you like toothpaste, you'll love this one!

Product backed by an in-store guarantee, LOVE it or exchange it for something else within our store.***

Ready for a replacement? Bring in your old AP-24 Tube to be recycled and get 10% OFF your new one!****

Considered appropriate for use by any persons able to use traditional fluoride based toothpaste, including: pregnant and nursing mothers, children 2+ with close supervision/ children 6+ with appropriately established brushing habits.*****

Get your "Just left the dentist" clean today! 

*Sensitivity levels in users may very, not everyone will experience the same result, use accordingly. No current customers have reported to District 7 Boutique any instances of sensitivity.

**Always Consult your dentist for recommended treatment.

***Don't love it? No problem, just return your tube within 14 days or receipt. 

****10% off recycled tube will only apply on purchases made in store.

***** Statements not evaluated by the FDA, Please always consult a medical professional when making health care changes.See also the Product Page PDF provided by Nuskin- Link below.

Nuskin Product Information Page