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  • Original Hot Line Hair Ties


    Touted as being more comfortable than your average elastic band, which can cause headaches when wrapped around your hair too tightly. Coil hair ties are practical and fun, with metallic, glitter filled and vibrant colors to spice up a night of errands or tedious workouts. The best perk is though, that you'll be able to show up to your dinner plans with your hair down and perfectly dent free.

    These amazing little gadgets can help to  give updos a bit more 'va va voom'. For example with their wider and rounder band, they definitely work to perk up that pony- Helloooo Ariana Grande High Top Pony, in just a few simple wraps!

    Being waterproof, they don’t leave your wrist damp and soggy after you wash your hands, or worse an unruly hump in hair that was put up wet and is now overall dry... except where the wet fabric elastic was residing.

    Since they don't pull as much as traditional elastics, you can finally rock a sleep pony every night -sans the morning headache and sore scalp! Don't get me started on the amount of breakage it saves-Thanks to its smooth surface, the tie doesn’t tangle with dry or wet hair.

    Bonus: The Hot Line Hair Tie is easily turned into a more fashionable statement around your wrist than traditional elastics (with or without the 60 strands you lost wrapped around it!) Make your basic female necessities a colorful and stylish accessory sure to compliment any outfit! 

    Made with one single ingredient : Polyurethane. No Latex. No Rubber.